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Wanda's Corner: ETS Compliance

NIB's Wanda McLeod provides tips to help stores be ETS compliant.

What is ETS?

ETS stands for Essentially the Same. ETS items are commercial items considered to be "essentially the same" as items on the AbilityOne Procurement List (PL).

The downloadable Excel (.xls) files below provide lists of products from commercial vendors that can be used to help BSCs identify ETS items.

Compliance Visits

My compliance visits are consultations where I help BSC operators understand and navigate the complexities of the AbilityOne® Program. During my review, I'll help you identify commercial products that are essentially the same (ETS) as items on the AbilityOne procurement list, as well as commercial items that are similar to products manufactured by non-profits but not considered ETS because they are not on the Procurement List (PL).

There is always confusion about the brand name SKILCRAFT® and whether or not SKILCRAFT products automatically comply with the mandatory source requirements of the Javits-Wagner-O'Day (JWOD) Act. The answer is no. Many non-profits have acquired the SKILCRAFT license to sell products that do not fall under the AbilityOne Program.

Once ETS items are identified, BSC Operators have 60 days to remove them from the store.

It's not my policy to dictate what products are carried in BSC's, but stores are strongly encouraged to maximize the number of AbilityOne products offered, as well other products made by our non-profits.


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