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• Adaptive Technology


Adaptive Technology

Below are just a few of the many products available to assist people who are blind or visually impaired. Please let us know which products you use, how you use them and what you think of them.

Helpful Links

Screen Magnification Software

Visual Enhancers and Magnifiers

For more information and to find distributors near you, visit EnhancedVision.

  • JORDY System - An innovative, head-worn device that looks like a pair of glasses, JORDY magnifies objects up to 30X helping you see at distance and up close. Operates in vivid color, black and white, high contrast positive or high contrast negative.
  • Mac Family - Portable and affordable digital magnifier. Connects to any TV or monitor.
  • Merlin Desktop System - Merlin is a desktop unit designed to be set up in a fixed location, used primarily used for reading, writing and hobbies.
  • Acrobat - Acrobat's rotating camera enables people with low vision to read, write, self-view and magnify images at any distance.

Screen Readers

  • JAWS by Freedom Scientific - provides speech and Braille output for the most popular computer applications on PCs.
  • Window-Eyes - Screen access program that works with Windows

Electronic Personal Organizers/PDAs/Pocket PCs

  • Voice Mate by Parrot
  • Maestro HP iPAQ Pocket pC and Maestro Dell Axim X50
  • Trekker option for Maestro. GPS system for the Blind.
  • PAC Mate by Freedom Scientific

Electronic Notetakers

  • Braille Lite
  • Braille Sense
  • BrailleNote Classic
  • Braille Note mPower
  • VoiceNote Classic
  • VoiceNote mPower
  • BRAILLEX EL Braille Assistant (ELba)

Internet Access with Speech

  • CONNECT Outloud
  • IBM Home Page Reader

Mobile Phones

  • ALVA MPO - Mobile Phone Organizer Notetaker
  • SpeechPAK Talks

Scanner and Bar Code Readers

  • SARA Scanning and Reading Appliance (Freedom Scientific)
  • ScanTalker for PAC Matge
  • VoiLa! Barcode Reader
  • ID Mate Barcode Reader

Braille Products

  • O.B.R. - Optical Braille Recognition: software that reads Braille
  • Winbraille - Real Windows drivers and Braille editor for Braille Embossers
  • Duxbury - Braille Translator and Editor for IBM and Apple/Macintosh


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